Healthy living with lighting design

With active and busy modern life, we crave for living space where we could have a relaxing and pleasant time. It is healthy to have areas in our homes, restaurants, or even offices that we can relax both the body and mind.

Lighting can have a big impact on the atmosphere in every space

Hanging pictures on walls all around, placing decorations, plants, and flowers are a good choice for creating the atmosphere but not enough for a complete design. Unfortunately, as time passes, we are no longer satisfied with the designed theme, and we are seeking for some changes.

With the improvement of the technology of the LED lighting and all of the components like controllers, dimmers, RGBW lighting, etc. we can produce different light scenes in the space for a particular mood.
In other words, we can produce the effect that we seek and could appear when we need it in a certain mood, and when we did not need it, it could disappear or change with another effect.

With choosing the right light fixtures and lighting design, we can make a dynamic and pleasant space. We can produce light projection and shadows with specific colors and beams. Different colors will create a different atmosphere.

For example, warm colors 2700K or 3000K will create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, while 4000K or 5000K will create a more productive and working atmosphere. Different kinds of ambients can also be achieved by adjusting the intensity, color, and color temperature according to our mood.

Example of lighting design in the living room

Living room lighting with pendant LED lights
Living room lighting with recessed and cove lighting

Two different lighting scenarios

Two images that are showing the same living room but with two different lighting scenarios.

In the first scenario or lighting scene is more typical lighting with two pendant lights. Manly, there are only two pendant lights so it is not complicated to install but this type of lighting doesn’t give us much space for playing with different scenes. Additionally, we can install dimers so we can adjust the light intensity. Overall this light setup will fulfill the light requirements for this space but as time passes can become a little boring.

The second scene is with more lights install so it gives us plenty of space for creating different light scenes. In this scenario, we have installed cove lighting, wall washers for the stone wall, accent lighting for the paintings and wide beam downlights for evenly spaced overall light. This light setup requires more light fixtures but it gives plenty of space for playing with many light scenes.

Additionally, cove and wall washer lights can be RGBW lights so with a different combination of colors and intensity of light we can achieve different ambients.

Bottom line this light setup is more fun and gives more opportunities for different light scenes.

Color changing light scenes

If you are in a phase of renovating or building a new house it is smart to consider hiring a lighting designer. The designer will give you the best advice for lighting the rooms based on the newest lighting technology on the market and also will calculate the exact light levels needed for every space.

Stefan T.

I am a lighting designer and very passionate about reading and writing articles about lighting.

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