Good Lighting design in Kitchen for delicious cooked meals

The kitchen is the place in our home where we spend most of our time. While we do the cooking, reading receipts, and all of that kitchen staff, it is essential to have good lighting design in this room.
So, proper and balanced lighting with high CRI is essential to emphasize the colors of the food with the right colors and textures.

Learn about lighting in the kitchen

Mainly there are three types of lights that we should be aware of ambient, accent, and task lighting.

Kitchen lighting design showing different lighting options

1.Ambient lighting: This is the first primary source of light, whether in addition to natural light or to fill the need for it. You want to have as much of it as evenly as possible from your ceiling. This type of lighting is done with downlights with a wide beam but also can be done with a combination of chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed lighting, flush mounts, or like, in this case, cove lighting.

2.Task: While ambient lighting is used to have you even lighting necessary to operate throughout the kitchen, in most of the cases can live shadows in areas that require more focus.
Surface-mounted led linear lighting mounted under upper cabinets is one of the best choices for task lighting.

3.Accent: Accent lighting is an essential part of the top of your well-designed kitchen. Pendant lights, ceiling rotational lights or rotational small downlights are types that we need for accent lighting. In this way, with proper adjustment of the direction of the light beam, we can get nice accenting the painting, statue or something else.

Steps to make proper lighting design

Now, that we know the types of lighting, the next step is to identify the task areas, areas that need to accent, and also where we need ambient light.

Best is to have floor plan of the kitchen and to mark the areas where we need good of lighting.

Example of lighting design in the kitchen

Recessed downlights with wide beam are providing even lighting everywhere in the space, to fulfill any task. We achieve an average illuminance of around 30fc.
The kitchen island is a multi-purpose area where we do dining, food preparation, reading books and magazines, etc.
Here we light with four 4″ downlighters install of the central the island with a medium beam of light.
With the light from the downlighters, we get around 50fc on the kitchen island.

Lights under cabinets provide good local task lighting; in this case, are slim linear profile 24″ led lights.
In this task area, we get 50-70fc, which is a fantastic light level for achieving any task.

Kitchen lighting with downlights
Render of kitchen lighting with downlights

Finally, for the accent lighting, we add small recessed adjustable LED luminaires to accent the painting on the wall.
Also, these lights are creating visual interest and give a beautiful atmosphere.

So, in this example, we fulfill all of the requirements for lighting design and final results, we have a perfect lited kitchen.
With the help of the photometric calculations with professional software like Dialux EVO, we can make lighting design for exact space. This way we will know precisely how many lights and types we need before we purchase the lights.

With IES photometric files and software, we can make 3D and False-color renders. This is the way to check the light levels in the exact area.

Showing lighting levels with false colors

This is the best way to check before buying and installing the lighting. Fell free to contact the Brightluc for photometric analysis before purchase the lighting.
We will be happy to help you with the lighting design.

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