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Living room lighting design 2

Healthy living with lighting design

With active and busy modern life, we crave for living space where we could have a relaxing and pleasant time. It is healthy to have areas in our homes, restaurants, or even offices that we can relax both the body and mind. Hanging pictures on walls all around, placing decorations, plants, and flowers are a good choice for creating the atmosphere but not enough for a complete design. Unfortunately, as time passes, we are no longer satisfied with the designed theme, and we are seeking for some changes. With the improvement of the technology of the LED lighting and all...


Outdoor String Lighting

The fanciest way to light the outdoor of the house is with Outdoor LED String Lights. Whether hanging above an outdoor dining table or over balconies, outdoor string lights are the best way to illuminate any outdoor space quickly and easily. Their portability and flexibility make them an excellent option for entertaining, whether you’re hosting pool parties or backyard barbecues. Here is the idea for lighting the outdoor table with outdoor string lights. The image is rendered with the help of Dialux EVO software.